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Published on January 23rd, 2013 | by Oliver Skjelborg


THQ Assets: SEGA purchases Relic Entertainment

UPDATE: The aforementioned Relic employee has since deleted this tweet. However, the news is now common knowledge.


Well, the great debacle is over.

SEGA has now officially bought Relic Entertainment and the rights to the Company of Heroes franchise. A Relic employee has just confirmed it. What does this mean for Relic and everyone’s favorite WWII RTS? Probably not a whole lot at the moment. Most likely this will simply result in a quick, painless re-branding of the studio, allowing them to continue work on Company Of Heroes 2 right off the bat.

There were rumors (albeit unconfirmed) of Company of Heroes 2 being cancelled earlier in the week. This is doubtfully, especially considering the money already been sunk into the game, and the progress they have made in development. The game is rapidly approaching their beta test, factoring in the fact that it is already up for pre-order on Steam. Cancelling at this state would simply make no sense, for Relic Entertainment or SEGA, so I think it is safe to say that that rumor has been crushed.

SEGA acquiring Relic Entertainment has also officially turned SEGA into the premiere RTS publisher in the world, with both Relic Entertainment and Creative Assembly working for them. With SEGA already acquiring Warhammer rights for Creative Assembly in December, this would also allow them to bring Relic back into the Dawn of War fold. Think of the possibilities!

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  2. Jason Mac says:

    All I want is home world to be rebooted

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