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Published on February 2nd, 2013 | by Kieran Mackintosh


‘Ski Jumping Pro’ launches (into the air) for iOS devices

European independent mobile development studio Vivid Games has released its latest mobile game, Ski Jumping Pro, for all iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

Ski Jumping Pro is the latest addition to Vivid Games‘s “Ski Jumping” series they’ve got going on. As well as graphical improvements, the game also features new modes and courses, and even character customisation.

Ski Jumping Pro is the latest addition to the popular “Ski Jumping” series of games that have so far been downloaded over 2.5 millions times overall. This new version includes advanced new graphics, exciting new courses and play modes, plus the ability to extensively upgrade and personalise your skier.”

You can watch the game’s trailer here: 

Vivid Games have designed their game to represent what it’s like to take part in the winter sport, and they have included many famous courses into the game — all of which have been authentically re-created. With intuitive controls, players will be encouraged to pull off record-breaking maneuvers right on the get-go. Unlockable content adds to the game’s replayability, too, which include new courses and contests. There’s even a quick-fire mode for players on a time budget.

Ski Jumping Pro has been designed to accurately recreate the extreme winter sport through an immersive first person perspective. Fans of the sport will also recognise many of the thirty world-famous courses that have been individually re-created for the game to guarantee maximum authenticity,”

Vivid Games‘s press release reads.“The game also features intuitive controls that encourage new and experienced players alike to nail the perfect launch and shatter records. The new upgradeable character system and career mode adds extra depth and replayability as players compete to unlock new courses. A “Quick Jump” mode is also available for short gaming sessions.”

For only $0.99/£0.69 from the App Store (for those of you who are interested in launching from a snow-ramp and courageously hurling themselves across a snow-covered range), Ski Jumping Pro is a wintry sports game you may like to try out. To find out more details on the game’s features you may pop over to Vivid Games‘s website.

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