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Published on January 24th, 2013 | by Kieran Mackintosh


Gun Commando Releases as Playstation Mobile’s First First-Person Shooter

Dutch producer/developer and UK independent publisher Green Hill and Ripstone have released PlayStation Mobile’s first First-person Shooter (FPS), Gun Commando — which is available for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Mobile certified devices on the PlayStation Mobile Store.

The game is a throw-back FPS akin to games such as the original DOOM or Painkiller, which I consider to be a refreshing change of pace for the genre. This action-packed shooter pits the player against alien invaders with an agenda of destroying Earth.

  Gun Commando is a retro run and gun game with 24 levels to play through and contains a large arsenal of weapons to help you deliver total annihilation. The game features epic boss battles and a large array of enemies to keep you coming back for more.”

Gun Commando has its own visual style that looks very impressively done. With tight controls and fast-paced action the game sounds like a gem to experience. That’s just for the gameplay — the detailed graphic novelesque cutscenes serve as a driving point for the title.

  Gun Commando is the first FPS available for Playstation® Mobile and it cleverly combines the platform’s polished controls and powerful display to create a unique gaming experience. The 8-bit inspired graphics pay homage to old school shooters but have been perfectly optimised with modern dynamic lighting, particle effects and a fast frame rate. The extremely talented comic-book artist Romano Molenaar has created the inspiring cut-scenes that drive the game’s epic story.”


Here’s the official trailer:

To get your copy, pop over to the PlayStation Mobile Store, and have fun shooting up 8-bit aliens!

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