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Published on January 27th, 2013 | by Kieran Mackintosh


Pantheon The Legends: A CCG Based On Greek mythology

Ah, Greek mythology, you’ve been a source of inspiration for many a game over the years — and today is no exception. Chinese developer RedAtoms has recently released its new mobile game based on said mythology, titled Pantheon The Legends — now available on all iOS devices.

Pantheon The Legends is a card-collecting game (CCG) designed around social interactivity and strategic gameplay. With a campaign from which to learn the basics and a massive online scene, this CCG has a number of features to attract player, and hilariously exaggerated Western-Asian influenced artwork show off the game’s visual aesthetic. Guilds, teamwork, PvP, rare items, and weekly in-game events are but a few activities players can keep themselves occupied with.

Pantheon The Legends is an addictive card-battling mobile game based on Greek mythology, available to download free today from developer RedAtoms. Pantheon features social play and a fresh new spin on asynchronous battling. The guild system lets you find friends and form teams to pit the gods and heroes of Greek mythology in a battle for riches and fame. The artwork jumps off the screen with vivid colors and a unique fusion of Western and Asian art styles that’s bursting with personality. While simple to play, there’s a hidden layer of depth to the card battling – build your deck and activate skills strategically to crush the opposition! The campaign is a great way to learn the ropes, with a lengthy story and plenty of funny twists. Where social intrigue meets strategic depth, you must fight together to win your place among the legends of Greek mythology.”

Even though the game’s trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, it does show off the game’s artwork. It also provides a glimpse to the sort of humour to be expected from the game. Players will be drawn in with its visual style and stick around for its vast online community, according to a statement by RedAtoms’ CEO:

“Just as each card links with other cards in the game, gamers will find themselves socially intertwined with other Pantheon players,” said David Liu, CEO at RedAtoms. “No other collectible card game can top our hand-drawn artwork – that’s what will draw people in, but they’ll stick around for the guild battle system.”

Still not quite swayed? Well, here’s a list of features that might just persuade you (courtesy of the official press release):

  •  Striking, humorous art design fuses Western and Asian styles to bring players an unforgettable twist on Greek mythology;
  • Simple pick-up-and-play mechanics let anyone jump in and start having fun;
  • 100+ cards with up to 4 stages of evolution – and that’s just the 1st release…
  • Travel through a rich and creative storyline in your quest to rule Olympus;
  • Battle other players alone, or band together and form the ultimate guild;
  • One-of-a-kind guild battle system intertwines social and strategic gameplay deeper than ever before on iOS;
  • 10 Treasure Cards (at launch) based off famous items in Greek mythology, such as the Golden Fleece and Pandora’s Box;
  • Strategic skill activation system provides challenge for card-battle veterans; 
  • Weekly in-game events, competitions and surprises!;
  • Balance is key – revolutionary guild system makes the game fun for both free and paying players

If Pantheon The Legends tickles your fancy and you’d like experience it, then rush on over to the App Store and download your own copy for free! For more details on the game you can pay a  visit to its website. If you’re interested in knowing what RedAtoms is up to then you can follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.

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