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Published on January 31st, 2013 | by EDMEditor


Own3d.Tv Officially Shuts Down — A Few Thoughts

Throughout the week’s end, many of us will fire up the bookmarks and stare at a website that no longer exists.

It seems that, for Own3d.Tv, the gaming revolution came and went. With  fiscal year 2012 slowly looming to an end, it appears that many services did not survive the onslaught that has befallen the gaming industry.

The announcement, which was first confirmed via anonymous source by eSports Journalist Richard A. Lewis (@Richard_A_Lewis), has since been officially announced by’s blog, in a statement that read the following:


Indeed, this is all a tragedy — one which marks the end of a scandal that first exploded when a post (tentatively titled “ – a beginner’s guide to being an asshole“) was released by premiere commentator and former professional Starcraft 2 player Steve “Destiny” Bonnell. His insightful comments related to the fact that Own3d had started to slowly degrade before any official statement was released.

While Mr. Bonnell is quite clearly not the norm in this situation, many of us have to wonder about the reaction from other popular entertainers such as “Athene”. We’ve managed to gather the following statements (via twitter, of course) from various figures:

– An interesting tidbit: Could a new streaming service be emerging, possibly titled AzubuTV?

In response to the announcement that Own3d’s VOD (Video On Demand)  archive will not be preserved.

– Unfortunately, there are reports that some streamers are still blissfully unaware that Own3d is shutting down, and thus continue streaming.

Following the closure of, Mr. Bonnell has since posted the contract details of his term with the streaming service. These details are particularly interesting, because it helps to confirm out that at one point, was extremely profitable, even directly rivaling fellow streaming behemoth Twitch.Tv.

The company, however, met with the (then-unforeseen) consequence of becoming a popular service on the internet:

Growing Pains.

With the advent of  rapidly-increasing internet speeds and standards,’s business structure was unsustainable. Bandwidth costs kept increasing whilst ad revenue kept decreasing. To add to the list of issues, expensive contracts with signing fees (Such as that of Mr. Bonnell’s) ended up doing more harm than good for the company and the people involved.

Of course, the question on everyone’s minds has to be about the fate of the streaming entertainment industry.

For now, has won. With a growing grip on the industry, Twitch has finally managed to beat the one site that kept them on their guard, constantly improving. In many ways, the repercussions of’s closure will ripple through the Twitch community.

With Own3d gone, Twitch seems to have taken with them the majority of the now-defunct service’s user base. While this seems to be a short-term plus, the perils of monopoly bring the unfortunate possibility that Twitch may sink into a period of stagnation, resulting in a pattern that has been observed time-and-again on the internet — the formation of a new system when the old system no longer fits the cultural or technical needs of the community.’s filing of Bankruptcy marks the end of a three year long chapter in eSports. With that, it appears that the streaming industry has become a one-sided argument from a massive service. As for the future of eSports, this may be the kicker that sends it through the roof.

Only time will tell.

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