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Published on March 16th, 2013 | by Kieran Mackintosh


‘Leviathan: Warships’ – Dev Diary, Screenshots and More

Yesterday (March 15th), Paradox Interactive, the guys who brought you War of the Roses and the Europa Universalis series, had released a new website, some screenshots, and a behind-the-scenes developer diary for one of their upcoming titles Leviathan: Warships, a strategy game for iOS, Android, PC and Mac, states a press release.


Warships skirmishing

Leviathan: Warships is a turn-based strategy game with cross-platform and PvP gameplay, details the press release, and is said to launch Q2 this year (2013). All available media for the game (screenshots, etc.) can be found over on the game’s website. The dev diary can also be found here.

“In ‘Leviathan: Warships’, players will choose from a wide array of ship and weapon types to build a personalized fleet and fight battles in a unique blend of action and turn-based gameplay,” the press release reads.

'Leviathan: Warships' customisatiom.

“With ‘Leviathan: Warships’, Paradox puts the sea in the cloud, allowing players to start a session from their tablet and continue their cloud-saved skirmish from their computer, challenging foes on any available device.”

This whole cross-platform gimmick, to me, seems like a very intriguing convenience, and I mean that in a good sense. I think it’s a great idea: skirmishing on the computer, but then you need to go somewhere. Just take your mobile device and continue playing!

I’d love to see this sort of gimmick implemented into other games. Sure, the game might have to be small to take advantage of switching between platforms and their respective hardware, but that should just call for creative innovation, I feel.

Aside from that, it’s just a real convenience to keep playing your game if you so happen to be away from your rig for X amount of time.

For more information on Leviathan: Warships, you may visit its website here.

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