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Published on December 2nd, 2012 | by Ryan Hillis


IndieFort Countdown Bundle Soars to Next Destination

For those who don’t already know, GamersGate and IndieFort have recently launched a new bundle series that offers progressive discounts for those who purchase more bundles. The name of the event is the Countdown Bundle, and it consists of five separate bundles, each containing four unique games. The object of the bundle is to offer a higher discount rate on upcoming bundles based on your previous bundle purchases. Here is how the bundle breaks down:


  • 1 bundle = get 25% discount on the second bundle
  • 2 bundles = get 50% discount on the third bundle
  • 3 bundles = get 75% discount on the fourth bundle
  • 4 bundles = get the “Liftoff” bundle for free

Now, it is too late to purchase the original bundle that started the event, the Fueling Up Bundle, which ran from November 23rd through November 29th, however, you can now purchase the Space Suit Bundle that launched on November 30th and runs through December 6th. The Space Suit Bundle can be purchased over at the IndieFort page on GamersGate for around $4.00. The bundle would normally cost customers $43.88 if purchased separately, and without the bundle discount, so the deal is rather fantastic. There is also the option to give a little more to the developers, who work tirelessly to bring us amazing indie games to play, as well as the option to donate some extra coin to IndieFort’s charity of choice, Help-Daniel. GamersGate and the developers are already donating 5% of all the proceeds to Help-Daniel, and with the help of others, have raised over $21,000 dollars for the charity.

As for what is included with said Space Suit Bundle, here are the four games you will receive, courtesy of GamersGate:

  • Caster - Dash across Scenic Locations destroying bug like creatures called the Flanx using 6 Unique Attacks that include Massive Terrain Deformation and High Speed Barrages of Energy Blasts! Caster is an episodic game that presents an intense 3rd person action shooter experience with pulse pounding music that will keep you wanting more!
  • Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient GreeceThe ancient Greeks crafted for themselves a world like no other, a world where each city had its own unique – and often fantastic – culture. From the Spartans, a culture built on a foundation of slavery, a culture that – with no need to earn a living – had dedicated themselves to the ideals of physical perfection, and ironically espoused the virtues of freedom; to the Athenians, a nation of unparalleled art and architecture – the likes of which, even today, remain…
  • Strategic War in Europe - A board game on your screen. Strategic War in Europe allows you to play a computer game which looks and plays as a board game, but you don’t have to look for a human opponent anymore. Strategic War in Europe is a grand strategy game with possibility to command one or more among 25 countries. War, policy, technological progress, recruiting units, conquest – this is all in your hands.
  • Zombies. - Forget Paperwork – Blow Stuff Up! Defend yourself from swarms of buzzword-spewing Project Managers as they try to delegate tasks at you.  Fight against bureaucracy and liberate the office from the oppressive brain-dead corporate culture that has enslaved you for too long!  Save the Red-Haired Girl! Quench your lust for glory!  SMASH ALL THE THINGS! “Zombies.” is a 25-Level Arena Shooter that pits you against angry hordes of Middle Managers in an age-old bloody conflict between good and evil. 

There you have it, a great bundle for a great price, and for a great cause! Stay tuned for more info on the Countdown Bundle, as the next series, The Oxygen Bundle, is set to release on December 7th. We will be bringing our lovely readers updates as they become available.

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