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Published on March 20th, 2013 | by Kieran Mackintosh


Game in Scotland – Overview

Saturday afternoon (March 9th) was a pretty darn good day, if I do say so myself.

Saturday opened up its doors for Game in Scotland, a Scottish annual event where established local developer studios take time out to present themselves to the public, of which yours truly personally attended, along with my colleague Martin “Shadow”.

What can I say about the event? Well, in a nutshell, both me and Martin had to (politely) shove our way through half of the time we were there, as the event was pretty crowded. We basically made our rounds of who was there, what was there, and what we could do for X amount of time.

We came away with four unique interviews, each from a developer/manager from different expertise and backgrounds. Which, upon reflection, covers a broad spectrum of our local gaming industry, both me and Martin believe. Everyone we spoke to, took our questions in stride, and were generally quite open to discuss their work with us, which we were particular thankful of.

We spoke to people, made impressions, did interviews, shook hands, and walked out feeling sore, yet satisfied with what content we came out with. All in all, as I’ve already said, it was a good day.

I will be briefly outlining how these interviews went as a whole, with individual, more in-depth reports on each interview following after this overview.

Our first interview was with Nuvo Gadgets, an up-and-coming gadget developer, with a mission of producing fun and innovative products. Hassan Ahmed (Nuvo’s Promotions Manager) made time for us (twice*) to speak to us about their first product: the Nuvo Pro Game Grip.

Nuvo Gadgets' Game Grip.

After Nuvo Gadgets, we interviewed Lost Zombie Studios (Lost Zombies for short). Jody Gallagher (CEO of Lost Zombies), with his company accomplice Matt Sharpe on standby, told us a brief history of his company, what they did, and what project they’re currently working on.

Lost Zombies logo.

YoYo Games were next. Gavin Smart (Associate Producer) talked to us in a lengthy conversation about their game making software.

GameMaker Studio in use.

Once we were done with YoYo Games, another Gavin – Gavin Divers (Community Manager) – took a moment with us to discuss XBLGamerHub, a gaming comunity site affiliated with Xbox.

XBLGamerHub logo.

Me and Martin honestly had whale of a time during Game in Scotland, and we enjoyed interviewing every person who set aside time for us. We’ll certainly be going next year, I hope.

An upcoming four-part series of articles will follow this overview over the coming days – one for each interview – where I will go into detail of each interview we did. Stay tuned!

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*We actually had to back to Nuvo because our recorded video footage was very poor in quality (an oversight on my part). I wanted to do video interviews, but my device was just not meant for that sort of job – setting was too dark, lights were too bright, video quality was poor, surrounding noise drowned the interview…you get the picture. We had to compromise with only audio recordings thereafter, using my device as a mic.

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