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Published on January 16th, 2013 | by Kieran Mackintosh


Pirate Sushi: ‘Fruit Ninja’-like game released for iOS

Inter-Illusion has released a Fruit Ninja-like game for iOS devices, and the gimmick is a simple one — it features pirates! Y’arrrgh. Yes, Pirate Sushi does indeed feature ye olde pirate scallywags (no doubt plunderin’ and pillagin’, as these types are prone to do) but they’re not the star of the game: the hogger of the spotlight is a mythical sea creature with an appetite for a certain Japanese cuisine. There is a series of more than 40 challenges that will test your skills and keep your interest for long time.

”Pirate Sushi’ is a ‘Fruit Ninja’ style game were the best chef of the 7 seas, The Kraken, gets the lost buccaneers ships and tries to make a sushi feast will all the bad pirates.

However, ‘Pirate Sushi’ is not just about slicing and squeezing pirates. There is a series of more than 40 challenges that will test your skills and keep you interested for a long time.

With lots of PowerUps, Combos, Multi-slicing, Explosions, Bonuses, and a full campaign to beat; ‘Pirate Sushi’ is for sure a great choice!’


If you’re interested in slicing up Georgian sea dogs and serving up sushi with a hint of pirate at its centre, then you can download Pirate Sushi on the App Store.┬áIf you’re also interested in knowing more about Inter-Illusion, pop in for a visit on their website.

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Kieran "KingSongbird" Mackintosh was a fledgling freelance videogame journalist. He has resigned due to RL issues, but yearns to come back with a vengeance! His gaming interests lie in anything Sci-Fi, but he has a particular soft spot for RTSs, City Builders and any game that allows him to fly. He prefers visual aesthetics over graphical fidelity and values story, animation and character development over gameplay. For updates and shenanigans, follow him @KingSongbird!

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