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Published on November 27th, 2012 | by EDMEditor


‘Farming Simulator 2013′ Celebrates Two Million Mods Downloaded

To the some, the name Farming Simulator brings tales of an age-old tradition, where the sweat from a man’s back was valued more than silly literature. In others, the name imbues the audience with a sense of relaxation, akin to a good book or a respectable amount of time spent with a stress ball. Many, however, are clearly just stuck here, wondering how this game became such a smash hit, recently outselling the multi-platform FPS Medal of Honor: Warfighter by a reasonable amount of copies. I mean, seriously. It’s a game. About farming.

The game (produced by Swiss developer GIANTS Software) itself is really just a farming simulator, complete with the intricacies and subtlety of working the land in the modern age of mass-production and agricultural machinery. However, the creative minds at YouTube have made things like this. With that in mind, it is rather easy to see what draws the average gamer to the prospects of screwing with a farmer’s kit.

Today though, is not a day to worry about the how, or the why. It is to celebrate the great success of this compelling simulator. Whether it’s on the PC, the farm, or even the field, Farming Simulator will go down in the books as “”".

Hats off to you, Farming Simulator 2013, here’s a bottle of our finest champagne.


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