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Published on December 19th, 2012 | by EDMEditor


Epic Games’ Official Merchandise Store Opens Its Doors

In a grand gesture towards their loyal fans, Epic Games has launched their official merchandise store today – just in time for the holidays. The publisher – known best for their massively successful Unreal Tournament and Gears of War series – is featuring shirts, artwork, and general merchandise from their best-selling games, as well as their official “Unreal Engine” logo, all done in a quirky, humorous style.

On the subject of the store launch, Epic’s Director of Marketing Worldwide Studios, Kendall Boyd, was quoted as saying the following: “We’re excited to launch Epic’s official store and provide our loyal fans apparel and merchandise that they can’t find anywhere else.”…” Our hope is to grow our brand via channels such as the Epic Store and celebrate all of our terrific intellectual properties with the community.”

Of course, we’re not sure why they didn’t come up with this earlier, as it was only previously possible to purchase Epic merchandise through third-party retailers. Currently, you’ll find hilarious parodies of some recent fashion trends, including the “Keep Calm And Active Reload” shirt and a baseball rendition of the Ultrakill logo. The merchandise selection is currently sparse, but Epic Games have stated that the variety of selections will steadily increase, as evidenced by their plans to add Fortnite products in the future. There’s also one big surprise in the package: the prices. We’re used to paying top-dollar for the brands and games we love, but the Epic Games store is remarkably affordable. All in all, it seems that Epic Games just rolled out another great idea.

For more information (and to purchase some cool things), check out the Epic Games store at


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