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Published on December 12th, 2012 | by Ryan Hillis


EDM’s Game Of The Year Awards: Best Survivor/Horror

Welcome to another day of Eject Disk Magazine’s Game of the Year Awards! As per usual, we’re doing this a little differently than normal by letting you, the reader, help decide who takes home the prize. Over the next couple of weeks, EDM will be bringing you a specific category each day, allowing each of you the opportunity to vote for the pre-selected “finalist” for the following day’s winner. All you have to do is simply look over the finalists and comment on who you would like to see win. Now that the formalities have been handled, let’s check out who our big winners are today!


CATEGORY: Best Survival/Horror

It would seem that over the years, the survival/horror genre has taken a turn for the worse. Lately, games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill - two prominent titles that used to carry the horror scene – have dwindled into average action/thriller games,often garnering reactions anywhere from “mediocre” to “terrible”. Of course, it could be due to the fact that these games have annual releases, and every year fans hope that the next one will be the one to bring the franchise back. But it really never has. The features that originally made the genre so great were the lack of ammunition, the intense camera angles, and the idea of not knowing where to go or what to do. That’s changed in favor of huge machine guns with seemingly endless rounds to pump into foes and clear-cut paths to the next cut-scene. Now that’s not very scary at all, is it? What makes the survival/horror genre so great is the “idea” of what is happening. Nothing is more frightening than the human imagination, and games like the original Silent Hill or Resident Evil really played to that strength. But new games have emerged as front runners in the survival/horror scene, pushing aside what used to be the next big masterpiece. Lets take a look at which ones survived the cut!


2nd Runner Up: Lone Survivor

With the increasing popularity of independently developed games, and the ease of online distribution, game such as Lone Survivor have a chance to do something great. At first glance, it is an old-school, side-scrolling 2D adventure with dated graphics that caters to a crowd of gamers that have a craving of nostalgia that needs to be satisfied. But Lone Survivor is so much more. The intense lighting effects, simplistic musical tones and mysterious looking creatures make this game a must play for any fan of the survival/horror genre. This title takes survival/horror back to the way it used to be, instilling a sense of hopelessness while still pushing you to move forward. Plus, the game is the eeriest 2D-scroller you will ever play.

1st Runner Up: ZombieU

It might not be a magnificent game, but it does one thing better than nearly every other survival/horror game has this year: it keeps you on your toes. No matter where you are, or what you are trying to do, ZombieU makes you think twice about doing it, and ensures that you will attempt to do it quickly. The game utilizes the WiiU Game Pad to access inventory, pick locks, open doors and check maps. The downfall of this amazing little feature is, that while you are looking at that screen, zombies are coming after you on the other screen. This gives you that feeling of panic and excitement. Another thing that drives the heart rate up is the fact that if you die, no matter how far in you are, you will begin just as you started; at the very beginning and with nothing.

Winner: The Walking Dead: The Game

Never has an episodic game received so much attention, except when it is one of the most popular graphic novels and television series nationwide. But when TellTale Games announced that they would be the ones working on an upcoming Walking Dead game, people were a bit skeptical, and with good reason – the developers have had a history of botching major franchise titles with episodic content in the past. Regardless, TellTale really hit their peak with this title. The game features five episodes (which have all since been released) and delivers an amazing story. Some have debated whether or not The Walking Dead should be considered a game, instead preferring to call it “interactive entertainment”. Well, call it whatever you like. There is no debating, however, that it is in fact Eject Disk Magazine’s Best Survival/Horror Game of 2012!

Now that the scary part is over, you can turn the lights back off. Here is our next category:

Best Action Game

  • Dishonored
  • Assassin’s Creed III
  • Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition
  • Darksiders II
  • Far Cry 3

Make sure you vote in the comments below. Tell us your thoughts, should other games be listed? Did you not agree with the selections and want to dispute them in a respectable way whilst exuding only the highest of class? Let us know!


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