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Published on December 4th, 2012 | by Ryan Hillis


EDM’s Game Of The Year Awards: Best Sports Game

Welcome to the second day of Eject Disk Magazine’s Game of the Year Awards! We are going to do this a little differently than normal by letting you, the reader, help decide who takes home what prize. Over the next couple of weeks, EDM will be bringing you a specific category each day, allowing each of you the opportunity to vote for the pre-selected “finalist” for the following day’s winner. All you have to do is simply look over the finalists and comment on who you would like to see win. Now that the formalities have been handled, let’s check out who are big winners are today!

CATEGORY: Best Sports Game

Love it or hate it, sports games are an annual moneymaker that seem to be mostly rehashed versions of their former selves. But on occasion, these games offer something new and refreshing. They seem to begin to steer away from what made them popular in order to pursue something greater. Even though the annual release of every major sports title may seem unchanged on the outside, each developer attempts to make strides to take his game to the next level. Here is where we honor those that achieved. Here is where we decide to separate the kings from the peasants. Here are the champions of Eject Disk Magazine’s Best Sports Game!

2nd Runner Up: NBA 2K13 (2012, 

For many years, Electronic Arts ruled the NBA basketball video game arena. Year in and year out, NBA Live was the game to beat, and not many did. Then along came the NBA 2K series. Ever since then, the former franchise has taken a complete free fall from the top, whilst the latter keeps rising. The game has been so well made, and received so well that this year,  EA refused to release NBA Live. Though it was a tough giant to topple, NBA 2K accomplished it. The game features great ball handling mechanics, amazing graphics, and is currently the only up-to-date realistic NBA game you can play. Lucky for us, it is simply amazing.

1st Runner Up: FIFA 13

While this title seems to just update the current roster and throw some new skins in, that is pretty much all it needs to do. The game has been one of the favorites among soccer/futbol fans for years now, and the popular EA franchise shows no signs of stopping. The game handles great, the controls feel smooth, and playing with or against friends invokes a passionate rage that can only be described by those whom have played it. The main reason this game is not at the top of our list, is the lack of innovation behind it. Sure, it has Kinect controls, but that isn’t what anyone really wants. Total ball control is great, but it really shouldn’t be the only added feature of note in a franchise this popular.

Winner: Forza Horizon

Here she is, folks. The winner of EDM’s Best Sports Game, Forza Horizon. If you want to talk about graphics, Forza Horizon wins. If you want to talk about gameplay, Forza Horizon wins. Content? Forza Horizon again. No matter how you look at it, Forza Horizon is an amazing title. The graphics are some of the best you will see on this generation of consoles and the amount of cars, tracks and modes will keep your racing bug more than satisfied. The collaboration between Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios seems to have been a good one, and hopefully, for the Forza franchise, the success can continue. Congratulations to Microsoft Studios, Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios for putting out such a fantastic product. Welcome, Eject Disk Magazine’s Best Sports Game of 2012! 

There you have it, Eject Disk Magazine’s Best Sports Game! Now it is time for you to vote on our next Game of the Year Award nominees. The next category is…

Best Mobile Game

  • Uncharted: Golden Abyss
  • Pokemon Black 2 & White 2
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified 

Make sure you vote in the comments below. Tell us your thoughts, should other games be listed? Did you not agree with the selections and want to dispute them in a respectable way whilst exuding only the most highest of class? Let us know!

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