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Published on December 11th, 2012 | by Ryan Hillis


EDM’s Game Of The Year Awards: Best RPG

Welcome to another day of Eject Disk Magazine’s Game of the Year Awards! As per usual, we’re doing this a little differently than normal by letting you, the reader, help decide who takes home the prize. Over the next couple of weeks, EDM will be bringing you a specific category each day, allowing each of you the opportunity to vote for the pre-selected “finalist” for the following day’s winner. All you have to do is simply look over the finalists and comment on who you would like to see win. Now that the formalities have been handled, let’s check out who our big winners are today!


There has been much deliberation over the years as to what actually qualifies as an RPG (role-playing game). The traditional RPG features turn-based battle systems that featured item crafting, unique leveling systems and expansive open worlds. But is that really the extent of a “role-playing” game? We would like to think not. The role-playing genre has changed into what some would call a hybrid of action/adventure mixed with some traditional RPG characteristics. Games like the Mass Effect series are commonly associated with this trend. Mass Effect was arguably an RPG, while Mass Effect 3 seemed to be more of an action/shooter game. After we examined the field of role-playing games, sorting what was what and deciding if certain games qualified, we came to one conclusion: A role-playing game is simply just a game where you “play a role”. Crazy, we know, but we feel as if the most simple explanation is the best. Enough of the anticipation – it’s time to announce our winner!

2nd Runner Up: Torchlight II

One would think that during a year where the next entry in the Diablo series was released, there wouldn’t be a very big market left over for action role-playing games that feature randomly-generated dungeons. But Torchlight II not only found that market, it capitalized on it. The game holds its own, even against such strong competition such as Blizzard’s Diablo III. The gameplay is quick and fluid, and there is no shortage of ruthless enemies to demolish and rare loot to collect. The unique artwork and compelling story-line helped drive Torchlight II to the top of the charts for PC gamers worldwide. Runic Games did a fantastic job with Torchlight II and we cannot wait to see what’s next.

1st Runner Up: Mass Effect 3

It’s been a whirlwind year for the people at Bioware Studios. Their flagship title – none other than Mass Effect 3 - went from most anticipated game of 2012, to the most hated. Then it became a fan-favorite among online users due to a better-than-expected multiplayer experience and the introduction of free downloadable content. Regardless of what you thought about the ending however, the game was breathtaking. The trilogy finally culminated with all the stress and anticipation of the Reaper invasion on the galaxy, while Commander Shepard (the game’s protagonist) was forced to zip throughout space, fixing relatively meaningless quarrels between warring factions in order to preserve the existence of intelligent life everywhere. No matter your opinion about how the game finished, or how disappointed you may have been with its culmination, you have to agree that Mass Effect 3 was one of the top RPGs of 2012.

Winner: Diablo III

When you’ve waited for the sequel to a game for over a decade, the anticipation and expectation levels can be rather high. If that game is developed by Blizzard, however, they will only get higher. Such was the case for Diablo III, the third installment of Blizzard’s ultra-popular, action RPG series Diablo. This modern follow-up to a great classic delivers on all aspects of what a great video game should be: The visual aspects of Diablo III are stunning, with great gameplay graphics and semi-realistic cut-scenes. The music is on par with some of the best of the year, and the loot – let’s not get started on the loot. The world of Diablo is a rather interesting place, one that over 10 million have played. The game broke PC gaming sales records left and right. On its first day, however, nearly 4.7 million gamers tried to log on to Diablo III servers, which resulted in a dreaded error screen. Even though the game is intended to be single-player oriented, Diablo III requires an internet connection to play. This soured some fans, but not enough to stop Diablo III from becoming the fastest selling PC game of all-time. So here’s to you, Blizzard, for developing yet another award-winning game. Welcome, Diablo III to the ranks of Eject Disk Magazine’s Best RPG of 2012!

Now that Best RPG has been decided, what is our next category?

Best Survival/Horror

  • The Walking Dead Game
  • ZombieU
  • Lone Survivor
  • Resident Evil 6
  • I Am Alive

Make sure you vote in the comments below. Tell us your thoughts, should other games be listed? Did you not agree with the selections and want to dispute them in a respectable way whilst exuding only the highest of class? Let us know!



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