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Published on December 6th, 2012 | by Ryan Hillis


EDM’s Game Of The Year Awards: Best DLC

Welcome to another day of Eject Disk Magazine’s Game of the Year Awards! As per usual, we’re going to do this a little differently than normal by letting you, the reader, help decide who takes home what prize. Over the next couple of weeks, EDM will be bringing you a specific category each day, allowing each of you the opportunity to vote for the pre-selected “finalist” for the following day’s winner. All you have to do is simply look over the finalists and comment on who you would like to see win. Now that the formalities have been handled, let’s check out who our big winners are today!

CATEGORY: Best Add-On Content (DLC)

Over the past few years, downloadable content has become not only a staple of the gaming industry, but something that is to be expected, especially from triple-A releases. Recently however, the focus has shifted from the purchase of a single pack to a commitment towards a blind fifty dollar purchase for DLC. Regardless, downloadable add-ons have been something the gaming industry has always pushed for, and they are coming out faster and more frequently than ever. While most triple-A titles now boast season pass features, many retail games feature at least some skin packs or weapon upgrades of some kind, not to mention a variety of expansion packs! This year saw some portions of content released – especially in the MMO world – so who will take home EDM’s Best Add-On Content of 2012?

2nd Runner Up: Battlefield Premium

After months of fan outrage and lack of content and updates, DICE finally came through with something shooter fans could be happy with, Battlefield Premium. Battlefield Premium had it all, multiple map packs, Premium specific weapons and dog tags, special challenges, video diaries, double experience events, the list goes on. For fifty dollars, you would over double the amount of playable maps, enough for any Battlefield 3 lover to appreciate. Another reason Premium was a hit, is the way the content was doled out. Something new was released seemingly every week, keeping the Premium purchasers very happy.

1st Runner Up: Skyrim DLC

While it may have two separate DLC packs, people who played Dawnguard more than likely purchased Hearthfire. Any reason for us to revisit the world of Skyrim is a win in our book. The game still continues to amaze, even a year later, while the DLC gives you more reasons to sink countless hours into the award-winning RPG. With the recent release of Dragonborn, players will continue to adventure forward to the land of Morrowind.

Winner: Mass Effect 3 DLC

Even if the ending wasn’t what you expected, the game was great, and you received a free ending remake due to the controvesy surrounding it. Not only was that downloadable content free, but Mass Effect 3 kept slinging free DLC your way until the year almost ended. Most of it was released for the multiplayer, which features a large following of devoted fans and had some staying power within the community. It was because of the weekend events, free content and updated challenges, that many players kept that Mass Effect 3 disk in their trays for so long. While many people will not be able to forget how radical the ending was, or how EA and BioWare may have ended their beloved franchise, it cannot be denied that they showed the industry how downloadable content is supposed to be done: fast, frequent and free. This is why BioWare and Electronic Arts have helped Mass Effect 3 win Eject Disk Magazine’s Best Add-On Content of 2012!

And there it is. The Mass Effect 3 content that was issued over the past months has helped it win the best Add-On Content Award! So what’s next in our daily award announcements? Well, that is:

Best New Console

  • Wii U
  • Astro A50 Headset
  • PS Vita
  • Nintendo 3DS XL
Make sure you vote in the comments below. Tell us your thoughts, should other games be listed? Did you not agree with the selections and want to dispute them in a respectable way whilst exuding only the highest of class? Let us know!

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