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Published on March 6th, 2013 | by Kieran Mackintosh


Creashock Studios Announces ‘Sector Zero’

Sector Zero was announced by Creashock Studios via press release on Tuesday (March 5th). Scheduled for release in December 2013, Sector Zero will be available for iOS, Android, PC/Mac and OUYA. According to the press release, the game will first come out for iOS, Android, PC/Mac and then the OUYA respectively.

The game itself is pitched as a sci-fi survival game, which has a few RPG elements here and there and a fast-paced setting, with voice acting, too, and a bit of dark humour. Judging by the game’s trailer, however, the gameplay doesn’t really look all that fast-paced, at least not until the character is in a tight space and there are enemies inbound, or there are incoming asteroid fragments hurtling around them. I’ll brush on this later.

“Creashock Studios is proud to announce the first look of their game, Sector Zero for iOS, Android, PC (Windows,), Mac and OUYA. The game will be available to the public in late 2013, first for iOS, then on Android, PC and OUYA respectively. The story driven sci-fi survival game contains light RPG elements in a fast paced environment that’s out of this world!”

Sector Zero sets the player up with the character Alex, and through him they must investigate deep space and face off against a horde of enemies. There’s also boss fights, too, which apparently will require wit and quick reactions in order to beat them. However, since Alex can’t remember who he is, where he is or what he’s doing, the player will have to survive against the previously mentioned hordes and find out why Alex is in the predicament he’s in the first place — all whilst carrying no weapon at all. Ah, so that’s where the survival aspect comes in.

“Software engineer Alex wakes up in a hostile and unfamiliar environment with no memory of how he got there. With aggressive creatures and terrifying threats behind every corner, Alex must find a way to survive without a weapon. Investigate deep space and the unknown, destroy hordes of different enemies and take down giant bosses on your wits and reaction alone. With a voice acted sci-fi story with a bit of dark humor, Sector Zero is a game unlike any other!”

Aside from not having a weapon (which just sounds insane!), I speculate why Sector Zero is a survival game could possibly be because it uses retro-style gameplay, such as having X amount of lives, insta-death and minimal checkpoints.

Though the trailer doesn’t really convey the fast-paced gameplay the game is said to have, it could be more apparent when actually playing the game under the pressure of being instantly killed when struck by an enemy or Alex-bound objects, thus possibly leading to erratic reaction and decision times. Which sounds intriguing on paper, but might probably be super annoying in practice.

The press release even detailed the game’s different features:

  • Engaging story campaign
  • Diversified gameplay with RPG elements
  • Easy controls
  • Unlockable survival mode
  • Achievements and leaderboard
  • True survival experience
  • High quality soundtrack

For more information on Sector Zero or Creashock Studios, you may follow their Twitter or follow them on Facebook.

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