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Published on March 8th, 2013 | by Kieran Mackintosh


Annual Game in Scotland Event Returns

Game in Scotland is an annual Scottish event where local industry professionals take a day out of their busy schedule to showcase presentations and present themselves in panel sessions to the public.

This years event will take place this Saturday (March 9th) and yours truly will be attending, doing coverage for us here at Eject Disk Magazine.

As well as ordinary people attending, there will also might be aspiring developers just out of college /university coming to this event, who might be looking for experienced insight to the industry. The event in general is meant to encourage those who are interested in joining the game industry in any aspect (be it programmer, tester, artists, etc.) to have a chance of hearing first-hand experience and meeting local developers.

Some of the companies attending this year’s event include Codeplay, Ninja Kiwi, One Thumb Mobile and Tag Games – as listed on Develop.

If you’re Scottish, and you fancy going, you can find out more about this event on their website. Hurry, you’ll need to register your attendance, as there is limited space. Hope to see you there! (Just don’t disrupt my work).

Chirp to Develop.

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